Sightseeing Recommendations

We’ve picked out some Sightseeing activities for sports lovers to check out during their stay!

The Hockey Hall of Fame!

Choosing to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame is an excellent choice for any globe trotting sports lover. Within the Hockey Hall of Fame you’ll be able to find exhibits featuring players, teams, and memorabilia for all the most famous teams to ever play the game in Canada. A fun day out that's both informational and enjoyable experience the history of.

The Olympic Park!

: A park developed for the 1976 Summer Olympics that includes sporting facilities, a tower with views of Montreal, and an Olympic history museum. The Olympic Field is an excellent way to relive some of sporting history in the flesh by taking a walk around the park, or visiting the various hallways with attached pieces of sporting history.

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame!

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame is a museum devoted to preserving and honoring Canadian football heritage. It is located in Hamilton, Ontario, and has displays on notable players, teams, and the growth of the sport. The museum is a must-see for Canadian football aficionados who wish to understand more about the game's rich history. Visitors may explore interactive displays, examine memorabilia, and learn about Canadian football's past, present, and future.

The Tim Hortons Field!

The Home of the Hamilton Tiger Cats, The Tim Hortons field is an excellent day out for any football fan that happens to be close enough to visit. With a capacity of over 25,000 visiting on game day truly provides an electric, memorable experience if you’re a soccer fan. We would strongly suggest visiting on a day a game is being played to get the full experience.

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